Hilde van Mas, born in Italy, based in Vienna and Paris.

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Hilde began her professional career in ballet, her passion for aesthetics and fashion led her to magazines and photography. Hilde finds her inspirationfrom her childhood in the theater and her on-the-move lifestyle. Her love for art and human souls is the key to passionate research prior to any shoot.

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include VOGUE Portugal, Numéro Russia, CAP 74024, L ́Officiel, Citizen K, Flaunt magazine, ONE magazine, Hermès, Dolce & Gabbana, Jaeger-LeCoultre, ONE magazine, KUNST magazine, Andy Wolf Eyewear, Cazal Eyewear, Red Bull, Robert La Roche eyewear, Mr. Spex...

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Art Below space, Frieze 2021. London.

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Austria |  ppmfoto.com

UK | vizardlondon.com

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