Hilde van Mas, born in Italy, based in Vienna and Paris.

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Hilde began her professional career in ballet, her passion for aestheticsand fashion led her to magazines and photography. Hilde finds her inspirationfrom her childhood in the theater and her on-the-move lifestyle. Her love for artand human souls is the key to passionate research prior to any shoot.

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include VOGUE Portugal, Numéro Russia, CAP 74024, L ́Officiel, Citizen K,Overdue magazine, FLAUNT magazine, ONE magazine, Hermès,Dolce & Gabbana, Jaeger-LeCoultre, ONE magazine, KUNST magazine, Shohei Japan, Miss L Ray teen fashion and childrenswear, Andy Wolf Eyewear, Cazal Eyewear, Red Bull, Robert La Roche eyewear...

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Austria |  ppmfoto.com

UK | vizardlondon.com

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hildevanmas@gmail.com | +43 699 10718277

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